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Name:Madeleine 'Maddy' Ricks
Website:Birthright RPG
Name: Madeleine Ilsmere Ricks

Nicknames: Maddy, Mads

Apparent Age: 24 (actually mid 80s)

Hometown: Tacoma, Washington

Type: Enhanced Human (currently not aging)

Skills/Other Important Factors: Wears a key around her neck; key has a unique quality (opens portals); the necklace cannot be broken and it has no clasp. To remove it, well...

Personality Traits: Tomboyish; loud; animated; quirky; hates feet

Sexuality: Bi

Facts: Plays bass guitar; works in a coffee shop; was originally the youngest of three children; has a dog named Boo Radley; eats a lot; smokes; makes additional money as a sidewalk performance artist

PB: Jena Malone
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